Distributions Automation

Today the most common way to arrange medium voltage distribution grids is to use the open loop system. A fault result in an outage for one part of the loop. The operational staff try to sectionalize by trial and error method. This is not very effective and can take long before the grid is restored. In some places authorities require analyses and investigations before you are allowed to make another try.

Today's Solution Loop


By using reliable fault indicators together with circuit breakers in feeder bays and a speedful communication outage time can almost be reduced to zero. The loop can be operated with an open point. Fault indicators together with circuit breakers restore the grid automatically. The other option is to operate with a closed loop. Requires that both sides of the loop is fed from the same substation. When a fault occurs, fault indicators react immediately and open one cricuit breaker. That makes it possible to indicate the faulty section and isolate it. All this happens before the circuit breaker in feeding bay in the primary substation is tripped.

Loop fault indicators